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Poison Prevention Education
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In an Emergency

1. Call the Poison Center Helpline (1-800-222-1222) if you or another person have been exposed to something that might cause an unwanted and/or unexpected reaction.


2. Remain calm - the majority of poison emergencies can be resolved quickly; over the phone


3. Call 9-1-1 if the person is unconscious or has difficulty breathing.





May 24, 2017
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Nila Sturlin:
Thanks for providing free and discounted education materials to IPC volunteer community outreach educators. I recently held a children's medication safety and Illinois Poison Prevention Month (IPPM) event. The event was hosted by OBrien's Pharmacy, a small town community pharmacy in Belvidere, Illinois. I utilized IPC posters, promotional materials, activity packets, and computer games. Thanks again for the materials.
Lynette Waller:
I really appreciate all the resources you have to help us provide the community with education. Helping us to reinforce the availability of products that children can access without difficulties and ensuring awareness of the seriousness of those potentials cannot be reiterated enough!   Providing clients with the Poison Control number on a sticker or magnet has given us an easy way to stress importance of contacting you (IPC) in case of emergencies.
The seasonal information has been helpful, and I have shared some of the My Child Ate… and other Poison Prevention materials at presentations I have given to parents and child care workers. 


Wayne Bradford:


I accidentally took my diabetes medicine, Janumet and heart medicine, Coreg, twice within a 4 hour period. I called the nurse on call and she referred me to Mike at IPC. Mike helped me calm down and monitor my blood pressure and blood sugar. He had me call him back at midnight to update him on my situation. Mike was a God send.



Alena Erath:


I just wanted to let you know I'm an emergency room nurse for 13 years, and have been representing my facility, Centegra Hospital, by teaching first and second graders the importance of poison prevention in the home. I have been doing this for three years with my fellow nurses - doing a presentation about poison in the home, safety, and teaching. I also do a puppet show at the end. As an emergency room nurse your program is beneficial to the emergency room and the community. Please let me know what I can do to help save the Poison Center.  



Deborah V., RN, BSN:


I'm very thankful to have the IPC helpline as a resource. I work with students who have special needs and it has come in handy.  The Illinois Poison Center is not only a great resource, it provides an opportunity to educate people.  Having that knowledge can never be taken away and in many cases, the information is life saving!





I am very thankful for the Poison Center Service in Illinois especially when any of my children ingest something. Because of the service, I am able to call without having to use my local Emergency Room.  Today I was surprised to be placed on hold and to learn the reason why…funding cuts.  I have 4 children under the age of 8.  If not for the Illinois Poison Center, I probably would have called an ambulance which would have been very stressful.  After the follow-up call from the IPC and after learning more about the funding crisis,  immediately posted my experience and IPC’s funding issue on my Facebook.  Many of my friends were so surprised and outraged that the IPC could close (June 2014).



Georgia L.:


My sister in Florida found my 20 month neice with a cleaning product in her hands and she vomited a few minutes later. I called the Illinois Poison Center. Immediate response was great and Reggie assured myself and my sister that there was no poison and it was only an irritant.  He then offered some (treatment) procedures to follow. After speaking to my sister and calming her down, I realize that my neice probably did not even swallow anything as it was a spray bottle and that she may just have put her mouth to it. Either way, crisis was averted and I was able to keep her from rushing to hospital and insisting on a stomach pump!




Laurie Berg Photo  Laurie B.


I'm an ER nurse, and my husband is an ER doc. My husband decided to take an Echinacea, but accidentally left it on the counter after he washed his hands. I found our then 4-year-old nibbling on it, which prompted me to call IPC. The person who took the call was awesome, and luckily, our son would be fine. Needless to say, we've BOTH called numerous times for more serious reasons...our patients. Tylenol, salicylate, anti-depressant, narcotics, and seizure med ODs. Also, children taking one of grandma's beta blockers, Ativan, and "some yellow pills"! You guys are so terrific, and we couldn't do our job as well without ALL OF YOU! 



Heather Finnnegan   Heather F. 


Called 3 times, for the same child!!!!! My now 2 year old has eaten antiperspirant, marshmallows covered in glue/shaving cream, and he got into my Zantac and I wasn't sure how many he had eaten. My guess is that he only nibbled on one. Everyone was so kind and helpful.



Sylvia Wright    Sylwia W.


I'm an ER Nurse and call all the time. I called from home once when my toddler got into the tums bottle. Everyone is always so professional and thorough. I love the follow up calls. It's nice to have such an invaluable resource. 




Nelida Ayala  Nelida A.

I've called for both personal and professional reasons, also! As an ER nurse I contact you for OD' a mom, I've called when my son ate my husband's medication. On a separate occasion he also drank some "Greenworks" cleaner. All my experiences have always been very positive and it's a great resource! Thanks for your hard work!



Karin Fabry Bosco   Karin B.


Got your magnet up on the fridge....even had to use it once, but soooo thankful it was there!!!! 




Robert Zavala  Robert Z.:

I'm a pharmacist and have needed to call the center quite a few times for advice for patients, drug id's, etc. Sorry I missed the deadline for the fundraiser but i will continue sending my donations directly to the center! goodday!   



Lora M.:


I am a fan! I am an IL Certified School Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner who became a Certified Poison Prevention Educator! I appreciate all the great resources that IPC offers that I am able to share with children and their parents. I keep info in my office in English and Spanish. Thank you IPC.  



Crystal W.:


IPC has done a great job, I have enjoyed doing safety workshops for them over the past 5 years. I look forward to doing more if I will be allowed to at schools, churches, and community centers.


Penny Catchpole Leupold  Penny L.:




I am a fan! All my pediatric nursing students have/are becoming registered Poison Prevention Educators!   





Edward Scott   Edward S.:

As a Pharmacy student at Chicago State College of Pharmacy, one of our most important (and enjoyable) activities is going into the community and doing Poison Prevention Presentations at local elementary schools. Thank you to the IPC for giving us the support we need to keep our community safe for generations!   



Pat B.: 


IPC is one of Illinois' most valuable programs. I have used their services many times in the emergency room as well as from home. I can not give enough praise for all of assistance and information I have received. Please keep the Poison Center available to all.



Lynsey Bachman Steiner   Lynsey S.:

What do you do when you walk in on your 18 month old eating and covered with toothpaste? Call IL poison center! Thank you !    


Linda Sykes   Linda S.:

It was great to have the resources you provided for my display during Illinois Poison Prevention Month, especially for our Parent Committee Meeting. Thank you for all you do.  

When my daughters transitioned from newborns to crawling around and ultimately curious toddlers exploring every taste, touch and smell, the poison control hotline was a number I could access in a heartbeat. Add this to your contact list in your cell phone: 1.800.222.1222  


Dee L.: 


IPC is so valuable, especially in educating the public. I make sure that I give the IPC phone number to all my new parents. Thank you for what you do !!



Jeanne Murphy Zelten   Jeanne Z.:

I have called the IPC as a staff nurse working in the emergency room, as a school nurse and as a parent. The IPC is an invaluable resource for all of us!   



Michele R.:


Wonderful staff at the IPC! I called in a panic when my daughter ingested some paint, and Dr. Brown was great. So knowledgeable and helpful-- and very patient with an over-worried mom. :) Thanks IPC! 



Pam Oliver   Pam O.:

The IPC is a wonderful resource! I'll never forget the time I called the center in a panic when my then 2 year old daughter pulled some red berries off a bush while we were out of town.. she ingested and I panicked. Your folks kept me calm and told me what to do.  She's 25 now. Just recently you helped my 85 year old mom who accidently took one too many of her medications.  It landed us in the ER, but your folks may have saved her life!  Thank you.   


Anne Porter   Anne P.:

I am a Healthy Child Care Illinois Child Care Nurse Consultant serving 12 rural counties in Southern Illinois. I do Poison Prevention education for both child care providers and children. This information that I use is from the Illinois Poison Center. I can't imagine not having their support! It would make reaching this vulnerable population much more difficult. 



Barbara W.:


Rural hospitals and EMS can't function without your assistance. I'm happy to offer my support in the cause to save IL Poison Center




Faith M.:

IPC thanks for being there for us. I am an RN in a small ED and we have used your services numerous times. Your whole staff has been incredible!!!!   



Everyday Life as Lyric Poetry:


I've only had to call the Poison Control Hotline once in my life (Praise the Lord and Knock on Wood). It was scary, but they were calm and helpful, and their solution did the trick. I'm glad to know they are there.


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