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Poison Prevention Education
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In an Emergency

1. Call the Poison Center Helpline (1-800-222-1222) if you or another person have been exposed to something that might cause an unwanted and/or unexpected reaction.


2. Remain calm - the majority of poison emergencies can be resolved quickly; over the phone


3. Call 9-1-1 if the person is unconscious or has difficulty breathing.




Volunteer Recognition 2016 Honorees

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IPC Volunteer Appreciation - 2016 Honorees


More About IPC's Volunteer Recognition Program


Special thanks to the IPC Volunteer Satellite Centers (below in red) for their annual commitment and ongoing outreach efforts:


Adam Wegiel - Prairie State College
Agustin Herrera - Prairie State College
Aimee Anderson - Prairie State College
Alisa Seo-Lee - N/A
Alix Mcnulty - Advocate Children's Hospital
Allen Geeser -  Cherry Valley Fire Protection District
Alli Shafran - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Alta Diaz - Prairie State College
Alyssia Brown - Henry Booth House
Amanda Bogenpohl - N/A
Amanda Hermosillo - N/A
Amanda Hernandez - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Amanda Jester - Gibson Area Hospital
Amanda Lahr - Christian County Health Department
Amanda Strom - N/A
Amanda Throgmorton - Heartland Regional Medical Center
Amy Hill  - Ann & Robert H Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Amy Holland - The Goddard School
Amy Thomas-Stompanato -  Lisle School District 202
Ana Nevarez - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Andrew Ryan - Geneva Fire Department
Angela Caruso-Derhake  - Verden Fire Department EMT Class
Angela Lara - Prairie State College
Angela Pochopien - N/A
Angie Smith - Mason District Hospital
Ann Naughton  - John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Anna Thurmaier - Ames Frances Xavier Warde
AnnaMarie Arias - John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Anne Harvey - El Valor
Anne Middaugh - Northshore University Healthsystem
Annette Kunes - N/A
April Washington - April's Safe Haven Childcare & Preschool
Arthurine Beaugard - Chicagoland Autism Connection
Arzie Balovski - Kids Safe City
Ashley Mckay - McLean County Health Department
Asma Alam - N/A
Barbara Lessman - FHN
Barbara Maclean - Dupage Medical Group
Barbara Sager - North Boone School District
Barbara Weintraub - Our Lady of the Resurrection Hospital
Becky Blackburn - Greenville Police
Ben Flagel - N/A
Bernadette Gniadecki - N/A
Bernadette Godley - Chicago Public Schools
Beth D Wilson - SEIL - AHEC
Beth Magallon - ROPH
Beth Maloney - Toddle Town Inc.
Bethany Nelson  -Cambridge Lakes Charter School
Bina Walsh - Presence Resurrection Medical Center
Bonnie Hansen - Highland Park Hospital/Northshore University Healthsystem
Brandy Nielsen - N/A
Brenda Cawthon - Baldwin School
Brenda Thomas - Our Loving Arms
Brigitte Newson - N/A
Brittany Frey - Prairie State College
Brittany Huff - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Brooke Lehmann - Unity Point Trinity
Carla Chesnek - St. Michael
Carol Carlton - Macon County Health Department
Carol Cravatta - Tri-County Opportunities Council Head Start
Carol Geary -  Advocate Medical Group
Carolyn Clayton - Illinois Valley Community Hospital
Carrie Skiles - Schuyler County Health Department
Catherine Canaday - Macon County Health Department
Celeste Brown - Stickney Public Health District
Charmane Kovanich - Evergreen Park High School
Chaundra Bishop Adams County Health Department
Cherie Wright - Southern Illinois Healthcare
Cheryl Bulat - Morton College
Chrissy Christian - Hoffman Estates Park District
Christian Navarrete - Knox County Health Department
Christie Gajewsk - Pinckneyville Community Hospital
Christine Smith - Jersey County Health Department
Cindy Leco - Prairie State College
Colleen Barrins - N/A
Colleen Spaniol - District 87 / Oakland Elementary
Cozette Phillips - Prairie State College
Crystal Jennings - Riverbend Head Start and Family Services
Crystal Williams - Taft Elementary School
Curtisha Brown Prairie State College
Cynthia Byrd - Roberts Park Fire Protection District
D. Neubecker - N/A
Dalesha Henry - Praire State College
Damishia Garner- Body Electric
Dana Lynum - Prairie State College
Daniel Fidonik - Franklin Park Fire Department
Daniel Molina - Prairie State College
Danniece Speights - College Of Dupage
Darla Windland - Wayne County Ambulance
Darlene Egues - Chicago Pediatric Clinic
Darlene Payne - Meridian Medical Associates
David Drosos - Algonquin Police Department
David Johnson - Aurora Township FPD
David Stadtlander - Kmart
Deandrea Abney - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Deb Kruk - Northwestern Lake Forest

Deb Woelfel - Alton Memorial Hospital
Debbie Mckenzie - Glendale Heights Police Department
Deborah Valentine - Camelot School
Debra Goettig - American Red Cross
Debra Webb - Basic Healthcare Education Llc
Debra Weiss - Mt. Vernon Township High School
Denise Birkner - Willowbrook High School
Denise Stacy - Bread Of Life Missionary Baptist Church/Community Outreach
Diana Liesse - WIC
Diana Salihar - Lieb School
Diane Carne - N/A
Diane Kelly - Kolb School
Dianne Shaw - Cultural Care Au Pair
Dionysius Ford - Prairie State College
Dolores Wheelhouse - St Louis School/ Montgomery County MRC Unit
Don Anderson - Mt. Auburn Fire Protection District
Donald Huenecke - Roberts Park Fire Protection District
Donna Braida - Perry Memorial Hospital
Donna Laughlin - Immanuel Lutheran Church And School
Donna Wade - Genesis Medical Center-Aledo
Dylan Vance  - N/A
Elizabeth Abdul - N/A
Elizabeth Bentley - John Jay School, Elk Grove CCSD #59
Elizabeth Coonrod  - Adams County Health Department
Elizabeth Dine - Orland Fire Prevention District
Elizabeth Gutierrez - Prairie State College
Elizabeth Martinez  - N/A
Elizabeth Schar - Swedish American Hospital
Elizabeth Wilson - Body Electric
Elmor Pineda - Kappa PSI Pharmaceutical Fraternity
Erin Danta - Prairie State College
Ethel Cabalfin - Woodland- District 50
Fanny Salazar - Praire State College
Festus Durugo - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Gabriela Flores - Prairie State College
George Casford - DCFS
Gianna Kuta - Teddy Bear Daycare 2
Glenda Howard - Greene County Health Department
Gloria Westhoff - N/A
Grant Kellenberger - N/A
Gregory Hughes - PSC
Hadessa Plummer - N/A
Harsukhjeet Atwal  - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Hieu Nguyen - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Holly Stolp - N/A
Hope Dennis - University Of Illinois Extension - Crawford County
Inela Masic - Midwestern University College of Pharmacy
Ivie Oriakhi - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Ivonne Trevino - Ceda/WIC
Jackie Roach - FHN
Jacob Fleischauer - University of St.Francis
Jacqueline Woghiren - N/A
Jacquie Newquist - Indian Prarie School District 204
Jammie Vickers - Morris Hospital
Jan Fuhler - St. Jacob Elementary
Jane Jones - Edwards County Farm Bureau
Jasmine Hardison - N/A
Jason Skrzypinski - Lake Forest Hospital
Jazmin Butzin - N/A
Jean Versaci - Advocate Health Parish Nurse Ministry Serving Gloria Dei Church
Jean Yang - Oakton Community College
Jeanna Babcock - N/A
Jeff West - N/A
Jeffrey Wilson - Berwyn 911 Center
Jeiran Ghasemi - UIC-COP Rockford Apha
Jennifer Altounian - Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital
Jennifer Bleicher - N/A
Jennifer Fortson - Ann & Robert H Lurie Children''s Hospital of Chicago
Jennifer Gohring - Bright Horizons At Elgin
Jennifer Joyce - Prairie State College
Jessa Leslie - Ann & Robert H Lurie Children''s Hospital of Chicago
Jessica Reyes - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Jill Kellerman - Pinckneyville Community Hospital
Joan King - Dr. Bedingfield & Rosewell
JoAnn Woods - Winnebago County Health Department
Joanna Kaczmarczyk - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
John Sander - Streamwood Fire Department
John Sokol - Ember911 Child Safety Education Program
Joseph Cavazos - Little Rock-Fox Fire Protection District
Joseph Scherer - N/A
Joyce Carson  -N/A
Joyce Dietrich - Southwest Elementary School
Joyce Fair - Harold Washington College
JQuay Miller - N/A
Juanita Glassi - Jackson School
Judi Markell  - Bond County Health Department
Judith Ignatowski - East Prairie School
Juliann Harrison - N/A
Julie Crabb - Northwestern Medicine-Delnor Hospital
Julie Cutright - Coles County Health Department
Julie Kudirka - Lithuanian Scouts
Julie Philyaw - The Women''s Pregnancy Center
Julie Samples - High Mount School
Karen Feiden - Presence Mercy Medical Center
Karen Fowler  - Loyola Medical Center
Karen Presutti - Northwest Community Hospital
Karen Sapsford  - Newark Grade School
Karen Wooton - Jamie Mcgee Elementary School
Karilyn Gagliardo - River Trail School
Karina Bobadilla - Praire State College
Kate Wojtulewicz - N/A
Kathleen Eifrid - District 148
Kathleen Stelmar - Carol Stream Police Department
Kathleen Williams - Prairie State College
Kathryn Smart - Children's Health Resource Center
Kathy Holeman - Learning Program
Katie Orleans - Elizabeth Meyer School
Katrina Freise - Advocate Sherman Hospital
Keely Bullington  - OSFMG Pediatrics
Kelley Burton - Prairie State College
Kelly Barry - Prairie State College
Kelly Bolinger - 911 Centre Communications
Kelly Cusick - Edgar Co. Public Health Department
Kelly Girard - Woodridge Public Library
Kelsey Moss - Southern IL University Edwardsville SOP
Kenyetta Watkins - Chicago Family Health Center
Kerri Allen - McDonough County Health Department
Kevin Pickar - Oak Lawn Bible Church

Kim Luz - St. John's Hospital
Kim Matthews - Hillsboro Community School District Unit #3
Kim Runge - St. Timothy Lutheran Church
Kim Spruell - Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Dept.
Kimberly Appel -  N/A
Kimberly Bodinet - Lewis University
Kimberly Ramos - N/A
Kira Persinger - Rockford Health Systems
Kirk Schubert - Swedish American Hospital
Kris Franks - TCOC Early/Head Start
Krista Meuer - Kaneland School District 302
Kristen Hensen - Prairie State College
Kristi Dully  - Pekin Hospital
Kristin Stringer - Prairie State College
Krystal Hardy - Prairie State College
Latoya Maria Thomas - N/A
Laura Oscarson - Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center
Laura Piehl - Bright Horizons
Lauren Doss-Kuk  - Triton College
Laurie Zabka - Palos Community Hospital
Lawanda Bennett - Philip J Rock Center and School
Leslie Sanderson - DCFS
Letitia Lehmann - N/A
Lilly Baldwin - N/A
Linda Beagley - Swedish Covenant Hospital
Linda Denning - N/A
Linda Volland - Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Linda Wessel - Trinity Retail Pharmacy
Linda Wild - Department Of Children and Family Services
Lisa King - Seven Health Dept
Lisa Walla - University Of Illinois Hospital ED
Liz Loss - South Elgin Fire District
Liza Jaramillo - N/A
Lori Carbonell - BPS 101
Lori Ward - N/A
Loy Rosen - Will County Health Department

Lucy Robles-Aquino - Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center/Hispanocare
Luis Rebolledo - Home Depot
Lynda McKeown - Woodford County Health Department
Lynette Waller - Clay County Health Department
Lynn Jones - Ewing Grade School
Lynn Roan - Good Samaritan Hospital
Lynn Wright - Perry Memorial Hospital
Marcia Hartwig - Perry Memorial Hospital
Marcia Mckee - College Of Dupage
Margaret Downey - N/A
Margaret Lewis - Park Forest Health Department
Margarita Vega - Prairie State College
Marge Hoffmeister - N/A

Maria Oquendo - Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center/Hispanocare
Maria Sweeney - N/A
Marie Carman - Murrayville-Woodson E.A.S.
Marie Charleen - Borja Northwestern Lake Forest
Marnie Lazenby - OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center
Marsha Meiners - Marion Wellness Center
Martin Kiedrow - Praire State College
Mary Eleise - Rogacki N/A
Mary Koenegstein - Monsanto
Mary Mcginniss - Kendall County Health Dept.- Wic Program
Mary Otting - Ann & Robert H Lurie Children''s Hospital of Chicago
Maureen Lugod - Rush-Copley Medical Center
Maureen Moore - St. Cletus School
Meera Patel - N/A
Meg Egan - Todd Hall Elementary School
Meghan Muldoon - Prairie State College
Melinda Svastisalee - N/A
Melissa Rivera - Girl Scout Troop 1251 Of Algonquin Lakes Elementary
Melissa Schultz - N/A
Melissa Siegmund Cooperative Nursery School
Mey Saeteurn Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Michael Beasley N/A
Michael Meyer Mercy Hospital & Medical Center Emergency Department
Michael Strugala N/A
Michele Britto N/A
Michelle Dace Advocate Christ Hospital And Medical Center
Michelle Huggins Prairie State College
Michelle Smith OSF Saint Joseph Medical Center
Miki Leombruni Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc.
Miriam Mayer N/A
Molly Toennies Southern IL University Edwardsville SOP
Monica Campbell Meredoisa-Chambersburg School District #11
Monica Rensing Bond County Health Department
Morgan Cannon N/A
Muinat Ishowo Advocate Trinity Hospital
Nadya Valdovinos Lake Forest Hospital
Nancy Helsel Kmart 7289
Nancy Murphy Kane County Health Department
Nancy Wright Heartland Community Health Clinic
Nancy Zarate Prairie State College
Natalia Torres St. Mary's and Elizabeth Hospital
Nicole Eigenbrodt Southern IL University Edwardsville SOP
Nicole Fentem N/A
Nicole Hagen Bradley University
Nilda Garcia Advocate Health Care/St. Sylvester Parish
Nina Rocha Prairie State College
Olivia Brandner Southern IL University Edwardsville SOP
Olivia Gutierrez Prairie State College
Pam Brill Arbor Park School District 145
Pam Umlauf-Brown JCPHDMRC
Pam VanderVinne Whiteside County Health Dept.
Partick Janes Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Patricia Cantella Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Patricia Edgett Oster-Oakview School
Patricia Hermosillo N/A
Patricia Johnson Blue Cap
Patricia Kurzrock University of St. Francis
Patricia Toomey Meadowdale Elementary
Patrick Leacock N/A
Patty Metzler - Carle Foundation Hospital
Paul Landry Shorewood Glen Safety/ Security Committee
Paul Lisack Fisher Clinical Services
Paul Miller Weissbluth Pediatrics
Paula Kaye School Of Saints Faith, Hope And Charity
Paula Rohrs Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District
Pediatric Health Partners, S.C. 
Penny Lentz Safe Kids Winnebago Coalition / Swedish American EMS
Phyllis Wood Egyptian Health Department
Rachel King Jacobs Field Services
Rachel Yeast Kankakee County Health Department
Rachelle Luebbing OSF Saint Anthony Hospital
Rachelle Reynozo Pediatric Development Center
Raina Young Prairie State College
Rebecca Weirich Madison County Health Department
Reed Engel ASH
Regina Prior Collinsville Middle School
Renee Spangenberg Decatur Memorial Hospital
Robbie Spalla Illinois School-Project Early Start
Robin Randle First Minds Chicago
Rocio Delatorre Alivio Medical Center
Rose Volpe Glen Ellyn Police Department
Roxann Blackbourn Swedish American Health Systems
Ruchita Goyani Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Ruth Siebers Irving Alternative School
Ruth Van Duzer Van Duzer Family Child Care
Sandra Donigain Gottlieb Memorial Hospital
Sandra Forsberg N/A
sandra mendoza Winnebago County Health Department
Sandy Oliphant Cook County Health and Hospital Systems
Sara Lesnicki Rush Copley Medical Center
Sarah Charleston Prairie State College
Sarah Garcia Prairie State College
Sarah Haarmann Sarah Bush
Sarah Madey Swedish American Health System
Sarah Stuepfert N/A
Scott Wallace Norcomm
Se Hee Cho Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Shantel Jones Apha/Midwestern University
Sharon Krajacic N/A
Shawn Hoeft INCCRRA
Sheila Brocksieck Quincy Medical Group
Sheila Forristall Ilarng Family Program
Shelia McElfresh Quincy Public Schools District #172
Shelly Jung Adams County Health Department
Sheri Drotor Cumberland County Health Department
Sherry Gibbens LSSI-PFM
Shruti Mittal John H. Stroger Hospital
Simone Johnson Prairie State College
Sonny Renken Jersey Community Hospital EMS
Stacie Hodge Washington County Hospital
Stephanie Bartolotta Red Bud Regional Homecare
Stephanie Freimuth Winnebago CUSD #323
Stephanie Hopkins Independence Center For Early Learning
Stephanie Quick Prairie State College
Stephanie Swinford Prairie State College
Stephen Benefiel Pearman Pharmacy
Sue Fuller Winnebago County Health Department
Sue Szumski Morris Hospital
Susan Gerardot Plano School District #88
Susan Miller Lincoln Prairie School
Susan Prosser Morgan County Health Department
Suzanne Wojtalewicz Arlington Heights Park District
Sviatlana Ferri UIC College Of Pharmacy
Sybil Henderson N/A
Sylvia Trevino Healthy Beginnings Pediatrics
Synda Bahl Clay County Health Department
Tanya Macko Glendale Heights Police Department
Tara Lorenzi Ingalls Memorial Hospital
Tawny Aguiar Advocate Health Care Eureka
Teresa Schwalb St. Clair County Health Department
Terese Mittler Metro Infectious Disease Consultants
Theresa Nitti Elmwood Park Early Childhood Center
Tiara Thomas Prairie State College
Ticonna Purdle Nursing Speaks
Tina McAfoose Edward Health Ventures
Tinka Matthews Prairie State College
Todd Zies North Aurora Fire Department
Tom Cimbalista La Grange Police Department
Tomasz Jurga Chicago State University College of Pharmacy
Tracy Cummings Springfield Urban League
Tytina Sanders-Bey Healthcare Consortium Of Illinois
Vaniscia Easter-Adams Mommiez Time Out Daycare
Venice Chan Midwestern University College of Pharmacy
Veronica Williams N/A
Vicki Misloski DCFS
Vicki Naretta N/A
Victoria Infante Praire State College
Victoria Okorie Prairie State College
Vonda Spanbauer IVCH
Wendi Aubry Mercy Harvard Hospital

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