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Poison Prevention Education
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In an Emergency

1. Call the Poison Center Helpline (1-800-222-1222) if you or another person have been exposed to something that might cause an unwanted and/or unexpected reaction.


2. Remain calm - the majority of poison emergencies can be resolved quickly; over the phone


3. Call 9-1-1 if the person is unconscious or has difficulty breathing.




Volunteer Recognition 2017 Honorees

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IPC Volunteer Appreciation - 2017 Honorees
Special thanks to the IPC Volunteer Satellite Centers (below in red) for their annual commitment and ongoing outreach efforts:
Aaron Bubb  -  Presence St. Joseph Hospital - Chicago
Ada Sum  -  N/A
Al Lewin - St. John's Hospital
Alexandra  Bitzenhofer -  Lurie Children's Hospital Of Chicago
Alexandria  Sweetman   -  N/A
Alexandria Yale  -  Pactt Learning Center
Alexis Bohrmann  -   Triad Middle School
Alice Glasgow   -  Illini Community Hospital
Alicia Arth  -  Penniman Elementary
Alicia Sage  -   N/A
Alix McNulty  -  Advocate Children's Hospital
Allen Geeser Cherry  -  Valley Fire Protection District
Amanda Bogenpohl  -  N/A
Amanda Lahr  -  Christian County Health Department
Amanda Orlick  -  N/A
Amanda Perez-Rosser  -  Urbana High School
Amanda Strom  -  NA
Amanda Vander  -  Pluym Henry Puffer School
Amber Albright  -  N/A
Amber Balfour -  N/A
Amber Garcia  -  Sonnets Academy
Amina George  -  Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Amy Hill  -  Ann/John H. Lurie Children's Hospital Of Chicago
Amy Hogue  -  ACUSD #11
Amy Janis -  Ontarioville Elementary School
Amy Krage  -  Erba Head Start
Amy Machesky  -  Girl Scouts
Amy Motchnik  -  American Heritage Girls
Amy Pelnarsh  -  N/A
Amy Seratt  -  Advocate Healthcare
Amy Thomas-Stompanato  -  Lisle School District 202
Ana Nasser  -  Danville Area Community College /Child Development Center
Andrea Bostick  -  Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center
Angela Gola  -  Ameren Illinois
Angela Hicks  -  N/A
Angela McCabe  -  N/A
Angela McDonald  -  Mt. Carmel Mb Church
Angela Sciacca  -  Milestone Pediatrics
Angie Smith  -  Mason District Hospital
Ann Leadendecker  -  SSM Health, St. Mary's Hospital
Ann Naughton  -  John H. Stroger Hospital/Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health
Anna Cabey  -  District 65-Early Childhood Center
Anna Cech  -  Cooperative Nursery School
Anna Dickson  -  Lurie Children's Hospital
Anna Powell  -  DHS
Anna Scaccia -   Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Anne Malone  -  Queen of Peace High School
Anne McShane  -  Lewis University
Anne Middaugh  -  Northshore University Health System
Annette Bennett  -  Unity Point In-School Health at Willow
Annette Garcia  -  St Elizabeth Hospital
Annette Kunes  -  N/A
Annie Lombardo  -  Mary, Seat of Wisdom
Annmarie Walsh -  N/A
Anthony Bucki -  Morris Hospital
Antonette Lee  -  Presence St. Joseph Medical Center
Anye Whyte  -  Boy Scouts of America
April Hawkins  -  Christ Unity Evangelistic Church
Arzie Balovski  -  Kids Safe City
Ashia Allen  -  Meridian Village Senior Living
Ashlie Calkins  -  N/A
Athanasia Bahramis  -  DeKalb County Health Department
Autumn Wade  -  TCOC Head Start and Early Head Start
Baochau Doan  -  Presence St Joseph Hospital
Barbara Andreotti  -  Carol Stream Elementary School
Barbara Lessman  -  FHN
Barbara Maclean  -  DuPage Medical Group
Barbara Sager  -  North Boone School District
Barbara Weintraub  -  Our Lady of the Resurrection Hospital
Barbie Dwyer  -  Advocate Hope Children's Hospital
Beatrice Tucker  -  Beatrice Learning House Inc.
Becky Blackburn  -  Greenville Police
Becky Ebbing  -  Quincy Public Schools - Madison School
Becky Webb  -  Woodlawn Unit School District #209
Bedrija Nikocevic  -  Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy
Benjamin Thompson  -  N/A
Beth D Wilson Seil - Ahec
Beth Fencik  -  Pike County Health Department & Western IL Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
Beth Maloney  -  Toddle Town Inc.
Beth Steckel  -  Jersey Community Hospital
Beth Stewart  -  Carlinville Area Hospital
Betty Brinkerhoff  -  Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Betty Sears  -  Stepping Stones Children's Center 
Betty Williams  -  Imagine Englewood If
Bob Hoscheid  -  10/33 Ambulance Service, Ltd.
Bobi Cavins  -  Southern Seven Health Department/Head Start
Brenda Farlow  -  Northlake Fire Protection District
Brenda Hoadley  -  NMPP Medicine
Brenda Zaudio  -  Home Daycare
Brian McMahon  -  Chicago Fire Department
Brigitte Powidzki  -  Viliage of Niles
Bruce Ricketts  -  Broadlands Fire & Rescue
Candace Stoneking  -  Northern Illinois University
Carissa Brown  -  N/A
Carla Chesnek  -  St. Michael
Carldale D James, Sr.  -  He's a Wonder Music Ministry of the Apostolic Faith
Carlos Lopez  -  UIC
Carol Carlton  -  Macon County Health Department
Carol Cravatta  -  Tri County Opportunities Council Head Start
Carol Labby  -  Carlinville Area Hospital
Carol Pumfery  -  Grissom Middle School
Carol Waggoner  -  McHenry County Dept of Health
Carolyn McCormick  -  Advocate Children's Hospital
Carolyn Sinisko  -  Northwestern Medicine - Delnor Hospital
Carrie Eldridge  -  Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Dept.
Carrie Skiles  -  Schuyler County Health Department
Cate Harvey  -  St Alexius Medical Center
Cathy Lapointe  -  DeKalb County Health Dept
Charity Havill  -  Red Hill School District
Charlene Rybacki  -  Washington County Health Department
Cheri Hayes  -  Wells School
Cheryl Anderson-Chambers    -   Centers for New Horizons
Cheryl Bulat  -  Morton College
Cheryl Duhs  -  Alpha Park Public Library
Cheryl Gage  -  N/A
Cheryl Golliher  -  Jackson County Health Dept
Cheryl Kane  -  Kane County Health Department
Cheryl Pullia  -  Care A Lot
Cheryl Tate  -  Loving Hands Daycare
Chris Danner  -  Which Wich Naperville
Chris Gilbertsen  -  Wheaton-Warrenville CUSD 200
Chris Jarman  -  Montgomery County Health Department
Chris Peterson  -  Tri-County Ambulance
Chris Pierce  -  Dixon Public Schools
Chrisantha  Anandappa -   Loyola University Chicago
Christina Banialis  -  Forest-Ridge District 142 PTA
Christina Boyd  -  Illinois Health and Hospital Association
Christina Godwin  -  University Of Illinois Outpatient Pharmacy
Christine Burke  -  CCDPH
Christine Parker  -  N/A
Christine Peterson  -  OSF St. Mary Medical Center
Christy Buie  -  Worden Elementary
Christy Guy  -  Trico CUSD 176
Cindi Abbott  -  Mason County Health Dept
Cindy Clapp  -  District 111 SBHC
Cindy Davis  -  Southern Seven Health Department
Cindy Graves  -  DeKalb County Health Department
Cindy Marsalli  -  Woodland Middle School
Cindy Rice  -  N/A
Clare Pfotenhauer  -  Rush-Copley / IDOT
Claudia Braden  -  Village of Skokie Health Department
Colleen Barrins  -  N/A
Colleen Behrens  -  Beecher Fire Protection District
Colleen  Goessling  -  Monroe County Health Department
Constance Arnold  -  Maine West High School District 207
Constance Fry  -  N/A
Crystal Jennings  -  Riverbend Head Start and Family Services
Cynthia Enloe  -  Silver Cross Hospital
Cynthia Hurckes  -  Berwyn Police Department
D. Terry General  -  George S. Patton School
Dalia Kern  -  Alexian Brothers Medical Center
Dana Oltmanns  -  Logan County Department of Public Health
Dana Peterson  -  Talcott Free Library
Danielle Franklin  -  Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Danielle Wegener  -  St. Joseph Catholic School
D'anne Homer  -  OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center
Daphne Brown  -  Lincoln Elementary
Darla Windland  -  Wayne County Ambulance
Darlene Anderson  -  Bundles of Joy Learning Center
Darren Elliott  -  Terminix
Darvel Ahmad  -  Stinson Illinois PTA
David Drosos  -  Algonquin Police Department
David Huhtelin  -  Swedish American Hospital
Davina Stone  -  N/A
Dawn Holland  -  Carroll County Health Department
Deb Doan  -  Jasper County Health Dept
Deb Peacock  -  Tiny Trolls Home Day Care
Debbie Izzo  -  Advocate Christ Med Center
Debbie Keller  -  Alice Wright Early Childhood Center
Debbie Mayer  -  Bethalto CUSD #8
Debbie Mckenzie  -  Glendale Hts. Police Department
Debera Witty  -  First Baptist Church Mascoutah
Debi Northway  -  St. Clair County Health Department
Debi Sakalas  -  Richland School District 88A
Deborah Michalowski  -  DeKalb County Health Dept
Deborah Woelfel  -  Alton Memorial Hospital
Debra Grapperhaus  -  Randolph County Health Dept
Debra J. Webb  -  Basic Healthcare Education LLC
Deirdre Campbell  -  Sandoval Elementary School
Dena Bolliger  -  Hopedale Medical Complex
Dena Hinkle  -  CCSD 21
Denise Marin  -  Gateway Regional Medical Center
Denise Murawski  -  ERBA Head Start
Denise Norris  -  Genoa-Kingston Fire Protection District
Denise Stacy  -  Bread of Life Missionary Baptist Church/Community Outreach
Denita Davis  -  Little Company Of Mary Hospital
Dennis Merz  -  Frankfort Fire District
Dermot Ryan  -  Jewel Osco
Diana Allen  -  Rock Island County Health Department
Diana Brackett  -  Lincoln Land Community College Beta Nu Nursing Society
Diana Henry  -  Mercy Harvard Hospital
Diana Lazu  -  Caterpillar Care
Diana Ostrowski  -  Amita Adventist Lagrange Hospital
Diana Salihar  -  Lieb School
Diana Stenger  -  Coles County Health Department
Diana Vandergraph  -  N/A
Diane Carney  -  N/A
Diane Geraghty  -  St. Raymond
Diane Hincks  -  Mt. Sinai Hospital
Diane Kelly  -  Kolb School
Diane Mcgrath  -  Riverside Medical Center
Diane Simeth  -  Elgin Community College
Dina Gordon  -  N/A
Dipika Patel  -  Field Elementary School
Dolores Wheelhouse  -  St Louis School/ Montgomery County MRC Unit
Donna Dewitt  -  Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Hospital
Donna Homuth  -  WCHD
Donna Johnson  -  Stewardson Fire and Ambulance
Donna Sandman  -  St Clair County Health Dept
Donna Wade  -  Genesis Medical Center-Aledo
Douglas Toepfer  -  FHN
Ed Hargus  -  Burbank Fire Dept
Elaine Reicherts  -  N/A
Eliezer Kalingo  -  375 Medical Group
Elizabeth Coonrod  -  Adams County Health Department
Elizabeth Dine  -  Orland Fire Prevention District
Elizabeth Schar  -  Swedish American Hospital
Ellen Costello  -  Cook County Health and Hospital
Eric Dangoy  -  N/A
Erica Brennan  -  University Of St. Francis
Erica Spencer  -  Coolidge Elementary
Ericka Thomas  -  La Rabida Children's Hospital
Erik Ozolins  -  Loretto Hospital
Erin Emerson  -  BESD 53
Erin Haas  -  APL
Erin Luckey  -  Woodford County Health Department
Evaree Fesi  -  N/A
Evelyn Clark-Kula    -   Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Faith Arnold  -  N/A
Felix Luna  -  Lemont Police Department
Francisca Contreras  -  Illinois Action for Children
Gabriela Ortiz  -  DeKalb County Health Department
Gary Riegel  -  Paris Community Hospital
George Casford  -  DCFS
George Lewis  -  University Of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy
Gianna Kuta  -  Teddy Bear Daycare 2
Gladys Nelson  -  Hamel Elementary/Midway Elementary
Gloria Barrera  -  Oak Lawn Community High School
Gloria Spear  -  N/A
Gloria Westhoff  -  N/A
Greg Pierson  -  Wabash General Hospital
Gregg Baker  -  Clark County Health Department
Gregory Rosenberg  -  Tinley Park Emergency Management Agency
Gretchen Hogan  -  Academy for Learning High School
Gwyn Brown  -  East Coloma School
Heather Jackson  -  N/A
Heather Johnson  -  N/A
Hilary Knott  -  Rock Island County Health Department
Hina Patel  -  Northshore University Health System - Skokie Hospital - Pharmacy
Holly Stolp  -  N/A
Hope Dennis  -  University Of Illinois Extension - Crawford County
Inis Barney  -  Icare Daycare
Ivonne Trevino  -  CEDA/WIC
Jack Chang  -  Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy
Jack Taxis  -  Rush Copley Medical Center
Jackie Nichols  -  N/A
Jacqueline Hileman  -  State Of Illinois/ Choate Developmental Center
Jacquelyn Anselment  -  Hamilton County Preschool
Jaime Bay  -  BSA Troop 219
Jaime Teel  -  Teel Family Childcare
James Hilliger  -  Winnebago County Health Department
Jami Kelley  -  Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Jammie Vickers  -  Morris Hospital
Jane Deckert  -  El Paso-Gridley Unit #11
Jane Ferris  -  Health Fitness
Jason Bruno  -  Franciscan Alliance
Jason Jackson  -  Ford Heights Fire Department
Jazmin Barahona  -  Minis Day Care
Jean Armon  -  Indian Hill School
Jean Martin  -  Quincy Public Schools
Jeanie Sullivan  -  OSF Saint Anthony Hospital
Jeanna Babcock  -  N/A
Jeanna Lovelace  -  Macon Friends 4~Life Daycare
Jeanne Maki  -  Hampshire Fire Protection District
Jeanne Zelten  -  University SBHC at Sobeloit
Jeannie Capranica  -  University of Illinois Springfield
Jeff Hoffmann  -  Chicago Police Department
Jemmie Mendez  -  N/A
Jen Warmoth  -  Bourbonnais Fire Protection District
Jennifer Borgeson  -  Kmart Pharmacy
Jennifer Darner  -  N/A
Jennifer Doege  -  Carle Foundation Hospital
Jennifer Forsythe  -  N/A
Jennifer Greer  -  OSF St Joseph Medical Center
Jennifer Hedmark  -  Algonquin Preschool
Jennifer Hughes  -  Advocate Sherman
Jennifer Keating  -  Lincolnwood Elementary School
Jennifer Kennedy  -  N/A
Jennifer Leclercq  -  Glen Oaks Hospital
Jennifer Lenhausen  -  OSF Medical Group
Jennifer Masis  -  N/A
Jennifer Poe-Diehl - --Kishwaukee Hospital
Jennifer Polka  - N/A
Jennifer Savedia  -  University Of Florida
Jennifer Tebbe  -  Albert Cassens Elementary
Jennifer Williams  -  School Health Link Inc.
Jenny Zhao  -  CDEC/UIC COP
Jeremy Swaw  -  St. Alexius Medical Center
Jeri Gooding  -  Will County School District 92
Jessica Kober  -  Women's Pregnancy Center
Jessica Lemmer  -  Lee County Health Department
Jessica McMani  -  First Division Museum
Jesslyn Jobe  -  Adolescent Health Center
Jill Kellerman  -  Pinckneyville Community Hospital
Jill Kottmeier  -  Northwest Community Hospital
Jill Waggoner  -  21st Century Schools
Jim Miller  -  Mount Prospect Fire Department
Jimmi Haney -  Lafarge
Joan Barrett  -  N/A
Joan King  -  Drs. Bedingfield  & Rosewell
Joann Woods  -  Winnebago County Health Department
Joanne Hathorn  -  Whittier Elementary School
Jody Duffin  -  N/A
Jody Gosain  -  CUSD 200
Joseph Carney  -  Presence St. Joseph Medical Center
Joseph Cavazos  -  Little Rock-Fox Fire Protection District
Josephine Varda -  Swedish Covenant Hospital
Josh Cackowski  -  N/A
Joshua Flanders  -   N/A
Josie Persons  -  Bismarck Henning School District #1
Joyce Dietrich  -  Southwest Elementary School
Joyce Zschau  -  St. John's Lutheran Church
Judith Lamantia  -  Stickney Public Health District
Judy Collier  -  HSHS Holy Family Hospital
Julee Meacham  -  OSF Medical Center
Julia Nutley  -  University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
Juliana Stratton  -  State Of Illinois
Julie Kudirka  -  Lithuanian Scouts
Julie Samples  -  High Mount School
Julie St Clair  -  Tazewell County Health Department
Julie Tobiasz  -  Spring Grove Fire Protection District
Julienne Koziol  -  Christ Hospital & Medical Center
Justin Stalter  -  Carle Regional EMS
Kara Berghs  -  Developmental Learning Program
Karen Feiden  -  Presence Mercy Medical Center
Karen Fowler  -  Loyola Medical Center
Karen Gustafson  -  Community First Medical Center
Karen Presutti /Jill Kottmeier  -  Women/Children Services Northwest Community Hospital
Karen Sanders  -  Girl Scout Troop 570
Karin Chumley  -  Morgan County Health Department
Karla Grossi  -  Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Karla Nunnally  -  N/A
Karyn Blong  -  N/A
Kathleen Barber  -  N/A
Kathleen Harrison  -  Mercy Harvard Hospital
Kathleen Larson -  Pharmacy Unity Point Health - Trinity
Kathleen Lynch-Hale  -  Balmoral Elementary
Kathleen O'Neill  -  Our Lady of the Wayside
Kathleen Ryan  -  Waukegan Public Schools
Kathleen Widmer  -  Illinois Secretary Of State
Kathryn Smart  -  Children's Health Resource Center
Kathy Frantzen  -  N/A
Kathy Hoscheid  -  JFK
Kathy Ketterman  -  Lawrence County Memorial Hospital
Kathy Ringenberg  -  Lincoln K-8
Kathy Semisch  -  North Shore University Health System, Evanston Hospital
Kathy Simpson  -  Hampshire Park District/Daycare/Preschool
Kathy Winkler  -  Memorial Hospital
Katie Abma  -  DePaul University
Katrina Hankison  -  North Lawndale YMCA
Kay Chase  -  DeKalb County Health Department
Kay Rowark  -  Wayfair Nursing & Rehab Center
Kelli Hillgoth  -  N/A
Kelly Cusick  -  Edgar Co. Public Health Department
Kelly Girard  -  Woodridge Public Library
Kelly Jensen  -  N/A
Kelly Meyer  -  Southeast Elementary School
Kelly Miller  -  FCHD
Kelly Strader  -  Danville District #118
Kelly Wakefield  -  Glenwood Academy
Kelly Weaver  -  Edward Hospital
Kenda Jones  -  Logan County Department of Public Health
Kerri Allen  -  McDonough County Health Dept
Kerry Windle  -  Laurel Hill School
Kevin Flaherty  -  Elmwood Park Fire Department
Kevin Pickar  -  Oak Lawn Bible Church
Kim Castello  -  Monroe County Health Department
Kim Daniels  -  Starved Rock Regional Center
Kim Kromer  -  Bright Beginning Child Care
Kim Luz  -  St. John’s Hospital
Kim Rabe  -  N/A
Kim Ross  -  N/A
Kim Runge  -  St. Timothy Lutheran Church
Kim Spruell  -  Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Dept.
Kim Thorne -  Cook County School District 130
Kimberle Magnuson  -  Winnebago County Health Dept
Kimberly Appel  -   N/A
Kimberly Kudlacik -  Ms Kim's Daycare
Kimberly Mieszczak  - N/A
Kira Persinger  -  Rockford Health System
Koz Petratos  -  Triton College
Kristie Lear  -  N/A
Kristin Duy  -  KinderCare
Kristin Edgar  -  Ridgeland School District
Kyle Baity  -  Beyond The Bell Teen Reach
Lagenia Evans  -  Fayette County Hospital
Larissa Vander  -  Kuur Busy Bee Learning Center
Laticha Hendrix  -  Kimberly Heights School
Laura Aagesen  -  Northwest Community Hospital
Laura Hamilton  -  Allegiance Insurance Services
Laura Hastings-Miller   -  Second Time Around Child Care
Laura Hendricksen  -  First United Methodist Child Care Center
Laura Henry  -  DuPage County Health Department
Laura Nikolovska  -  Kids In Danger 
Laura Samuel  -  Mercy Harvard Hospital
Laura Stern  -  N/A
Laura Walters  -  N/A
Lauren Kennedy  -  UIC College of Pharmacy
Laurie Carroll  -  Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital
Lesa Cope  -  South Roxana Primary
Leslie Briars  -  University of Illinois Medical Center At Chicago
Leslie Hampton  -  YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
Leslie Jabine  -  University of Illinois at Chicago
Letitia Lehmann  -  N/A
Linda Dybowski  -  Loyola University Medical Center
Linda Regalado  -  Carlos Fuentes Charter School
Linda Starr  -  AUSP Thomson
Linda Wessel  -  Trinity Retail Pharmacy
Linda Zroskie  -  Prairie State College
Lindsay Spinelli  -  Amboy CUSD 272
Lisa King  -  Southern Seven Health Dept
Lisa Klonowski  -  Northwestern Medicine-Delnor  Hospital EMS 
Lisa Pintor  -  Brillant Beginnings Inc.
Lisa Walla  -  University of Illinois Hospital ED
Liz Loss  -  South Elgin Fire District
Liza Pilch  -  MetroSouth
Linda Rogis  -  Fulton Elementary School
Loraine Diven  -  N/A
Lori Papciak  -  Fremd High School
Lori Stover  -  North Elementary School
Lorraine Currie  -  Dr. Lucy Lang-Chappell Housing Complex
Lorraine Karsten  -  Karsten Kiddie Kare
Lorraine McTaggart  -  Jackson Co Health Department
Loy Rosen  -  Will Co Health Dept
Lucy Robles-Aquino   -   Advocate IL Masonic Medical Center/HISPANOCARE
Luis Rebolledo  -  Home Depot
Lynda Baker  -  Association for Child Development
Lynette Waller  -  Clay County Health Department
Lynn Kennell  -  Mennonite College Of Nursing
Lynn Lapa  -  Progressive Housing, INC
Lynn Wright  -  Perry Memorial Hospital
M Sabol  -  N/A
Mackenzie  -  Lyles Goldfarb
Madi Hike  -  Children's Learning Place Logan Square
Madonna O'Saile  -  Giggles & Scribbles
Mandy Rieman  -  Jasper County Health Department
Marcia Hartwig  -  Perry Memorial Hospital
Marcia Mengarelli  -  Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Marcy Walter  -  Randolph County Health Department
Maressa Busboom  -  Rochester Elementary School
Marge Hoffmeister  -  N/A
Margie Mayfield  -  N/A
Maria Day  -  Region III
Maria Oquendo  -  Advocate IL Masonic Medical Center/HISPANOCARE
Marie Carman  -  Murrayville-Woodson E.A.S.
Marilyn Wilson-Crowe   -   Benton Place Senior Apartments
Marlaina Reel  -  Jefferson Elementary School
Martha Bockian  -  Chicago Land Simcha Schools
Martina Thompson  -  Riverside ER
Mary Beth Henry  -  Carle Physician Group
Mary Beth Joyce  -  La Rabida Children's Hospital
Mary Cranston  -  N/A
Mary Grimm  -  N/A
Mary Johnson  -  Johnsons Daycare
Mary Luz Toledo-Trevino   -   University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
Mary McCauley  -  Shriners Hospital for Children Chicago
Mary McGinniss  -  Kendall County Health Dept- WIC Program
Mary Otting  -  Lurie Children's Hospital
Mary Robinson  -  Evanston School District65
Mary Soeding  -  Chicago Public School
Mary Williams  -  Marion County Health Department
Mary Zielinski  -  Girl Scouts
Matt Louzon  -  University of Chicago Medicine
Maureen Bialachowski  -  Sally Potter School
Maureen Hunt  -  Hinsdale Hospital
Maureen Keil  -  Landmark
Meg Egan  -  Todd Hall Elementary School
Megan Barton  -  N/A
Megan Kromer  -  Bright Beginnings Child Care
Megan Parcel  -  Casey-Westfield CUSD-4
Megan Williams  -  St. John’s Hospital
Meghan Allen  -  Presence Resurrection Medical Center
Melissa Dillman  -  AMG Neurology
Melissa Lemay  -  Tuscola CUSD 301
Melissa Siegmund  -  Cooperative Nursery School
Melissa Walsh  -  N/A
Michael Guevara  -  N/A
Michael Huedepohl  -  City Of Burbank Fire Department
Michael Lombardo  -  Mary, Seat of Wisdom
Michael Ward  -  Morris Hospital
Michael Zangri  -  UIC College of Pharmacy 
Michele Hoback  -  N/A
Michele Knappe  -  Ingalls Hospital
Michele Kroeger  -  Advocate Trinity Hospital
Michelle Dace  -  Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center
Michelle Klimchak  -  PSJMC
Michelle Lanzi  -  DuPage County Health Dept.
Michelle Lassard  -  N/A
Michelle Liotus-Klimchak  -   Presence St Joseph Medical Center
Mickie Brunner  -  Ingalls Hospital
Miki Leombruni  -  Ingersoll  Machine Tools, Inc.
Min Xia Zhou  -  N/A
Minako Adami  -  N/A
Mindy Reach  -  Shawnee Community College
Mirella Real  -  Real Daycare
Miriam Ramirez  -  Macneal Hospital
Molly Plum  -  Molly's Daycare
Monica Rensing  -  Bond County Health Department
Monika Hinojosa  -  La Rabida Children's Hospital
Myriam Lallemand  -  Gutierrez N/A
Nadine Appel  -  Regional Office of Education #47
Nancy Faber  -  Greater Elgin Area EMS System
Nancy Lemaster  -  Sarah D Culbertson Memorial Hospital
Nancy Maruyama  -  Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois, INC
Nancy Ocampo  -  John F. Eberhart School
Naphateri  Neal  -  N/A
Natalie Wu  -  N/A
Neil Atkins   -  Harrisburg Medical Center
Nichole Jones  -  IDPH-Office Of Women's Health
Nicole Lowery  -  N/A
Nicole Niemann  -  N/A
Nicole Walton  -  Loves Park Elementary
Nida Petronis  -  N/A
Nila Sturlin  -  UIC College of Pharmacy
Norma Holtz  -  The Medicine Shoppe #2018
Olga Del Toro  -  Kane County Health Department
Pam Vandervinne  -  Whiteside County Health Dept.
Pamela Gucwa  -  N/A
Pamela Vandervinne  -  Whiteside County Health Dept
Patricia Cantella  -  Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Patricia Evans  -  Washington Academy
Patricia Hermosillo  -  N/A
Patricia Perry  -  Anna Head Start
Patricia Smith  -  Williamsfield Fire Department
Patricya Merchant  -  Never Ending Childcare
Paul Irwin  -  DCFS
Paula Barnas  -  Margaret Mead Junior High School
Paula Handrich  -  Holy Cross Lutheran Child Care Center
Pediatric Health Partners, S.C.
Peggy Hall  -  Jersey Unit 100
Peggy Oconnell  -  Vista Healthcare
Peggy Strapko  -  Care-A-Lot Early Learning Center
Penny Hillard  -  N/A
Penny Lentz  -  Safe Kids Winnebago Coalition / Swedish American EMS
Peter Zurich  -  Broadlands Fire Dept.
Philip Reicherts  -   N/A
Phyllis Wood  -  Egyptian Health Department
Rachelle Reynozo  -  Pediatric Development Center
Randy Vollmer  -  N/A
Rebeca Ramirez  -  Vilaseca Josephine Center
Rebecca Dove  -  Shelby County Health Department
Rebecca Hutchinson  -  Hammond-Henry Hospital
Rebecca Miller  -  N/A
Rebecca Shipley  -  ersey County Health Department
Reed Engel  -  ASH
Regina Sovcik  -  Cook County Dept of Public Health
Renee Davenport  -  N/A
Rhonda Comrie  -  SIU Edwardsville School of Nursing
Rhonda Miller  -  CGH Medical Center
Ribbian Thomas  -  St. Clair County Health Department
Robbie Spalla  -  Illinois School-Project Early Start
Robert Mccarty  -  N/A
Robin Karstenson  -  Advocate Sherman Hospital
Robin Payne  -  Woodland School District 50
Rod Johnson  -  Geneva Fire Department
Ronna Ellwing  -  Special Education District of Lake County
Roseatta Lowery  -  N/A
Roshan Kassamali  -  Consultant Pharmacist
Russ Wood  -  Glenside Fire Protection District
Ruth Johnson  -  Iroquois Memorial Hospital
Ruth Moore  -  N/A
Ruth Siebers  -  Irving Alternative School
Ruth Wernert  -  N/A
Salma Khan  -  N/A
Salma Salah  -  University Of Illinois at Chicago College Of Pharmacy
Sam Jarvis  -  Knox County Health Department
Sandee Hampton  -  Southern Seven Head Start
Sandi Lee Kelly  -  Elgin Police Department
Sandra Gant  -  Marshall Browning Hospital
Sandra Marini  -  Illinois Valley Community Hospital
Sandra Schwartz  -  Jackson County Health Department
Sandy Dominik -   Lemont Fire Protection District
Sara Manseau  -  Vaughn Occupational High School
Sara Sydor  -  Care A Lot
Sarah Alexander  -  N/A
Sarah Baldwin  -  Advocate Children’s Hospital
Sarah Madey  -  Swedish American Health System
Sarah Manning  -  OSFMG
Sarah Pandolfi  -  Advocate South Suburban Hospital
Sarah Skiles  -  McDonough County Health Department
Sarah Whitfield  -  Chicago Public School
Scott Vance  -  Presence Mercy Medical Center
Shalva Banker  -  Chicago Public Schools
Shane Wolfe  -  Stepan Company
Shannon Bound  -  City Of Columbia EMS
Shannon Matteson  -  Wallace CCSD #195
Shannon Tester  -  S.A.A.D.
Shantel Jones  -  Apha/Midwestern University
Sharon Blackwell  -  Evanston School District 65
Sharon Jackson  -  Raccoon CSD #1
Sharyn Friedman  -  Childserv
Shawnna Brantley  -  Gibson Area Hospital
Sheila Brocksieck  -  Quincy Medical Group
Sheila Forristall  -  Survivor Outreach Services
Shelia Mcelfresh  -  Quincy Public Schools District #172
Shell Denise Brown  -  N/A
Shelly Hillard  -  Crawford Memorial Hospital
Sheri Drotor  -  Cumberland County Health Department
Sheri Plotke  -  Care-A-Lot
Shirley Cardani  -  Rockford Health Physicians
Shonda Bonner  -  Shonda’s Precious Palace
Sima Patel  -  IMMC Emergency Room
Somer Nagrodski  -  N/A
Sondra Mounce  -  Southern 7 Head Start
Sonny Renken  -  Jersey Community Hospital EMS
Staci Floyd  -  The Baby Fold/Hammitt School
Stacy Ernst  -  Lifeline Ambulance Service LLC
Stacy Yates  -  Pope County Head Start
Stekeena Rollins  -  Ravenswood Community Childcare
Stephanie Kolb  -  Wabash Community School District #348
Stephanie Whitten  -  Advocate South Suburban Hospital
Stephen Benefiel  -  Pearman Pharmacy
Steve Peters  -  Carle Foundation Hospital
Sue Hecht  -  ACMC
Susan Habben  -  Olson Park
Susan Haynes  -  Miss Susan's House
Susan Hodgkinson  -  Special Education District of Lake County
Susan Koerber  -  All About Childcare Health Ltd
Susan Longbons ERBA Headstart
Susan Rossi  -  Franciscan Alliance St. James ED
Susan Scheffler  -  N/A
Susan Stocker  -  N/A
Susan Sweinberg  -  Cary School District 26
Suzanne Wojtalewicz  -  Arlington Heights Park District
Tam Nguyen  -  N/A
Tamarai Red  -  Unlimited Red Expressions Daycare
Tanya Cantin  -  Community Action Agency
Tanya Macko  -  Glendale Heights Police Department
Tarah Alexandre  -  Healthy Start Southeast
Taryn Vandevelde  -  Henry County Health Department
Teara Marion  -  St. Clair County Health Department
Teresa Garcia  -  Gads Hill Day-Care
Teresa Schindler  -  SASED
Teresa Schwalb  -  St. Clair County Health Department
Teresa Thomas  -  N/A
Teresa Zehner  -  Richland Memorial Hospital
Terese Mittler  -  Metro Infectious Disease Consultants
Termeco Conway  -  Talala Elementary
Terrie Garlow  -  Milestone Inc
Terry Hixson  -  Lincoln Douglas
Theresa Brown  -  Advocate Physician Partners
Theresa Voss  -  N/A
Thomas Aaker  -  Harlem Roscoe Fire Protection District
Thomas Selby  -  Wabash General Hospital Primary Care
Tiesha Piper-Graham  -  N/A
Tilithia Watson  -  CCDPH
Tim Casanta  -  Presence Saint Joseph Hospital-Chicago
Timothy Meehan  -  UI Health
Tina Eggert  -  Kuhina Nui Ka'ahumanu Hawaiian Civic Club
Tina Moreno  -  Greenwood Elementary
Tom Cimbalista  -  La Grange Police Department
Tonya Johnson  -  Princeville School District
Tonya Johnson-Wilcox    -   OSF St. James Medical Center
Tori Goines  -  Choate Mental Health
Tracey Thomas  -  Swafford Pediatrics
Tricia Surdyk  -  Glen Oaks Therapeutic Day School
Triena Dietrich  -  Safe Kids
Trina Krischon  -  Delnor Hospital
Trisha Modeen  -  Ottawa Township High School
Tunja Daniels  -  Dorothy Sutton Childcare & Kindergarten
Valerie Hamilton  -  Just Like Home Family Child Care
Valerie Mullen  -  Clark County Health Department
Vanessa Richardson  -  Illinois PTA Chicago Region
Vaniscia  Easter-Adams    -   Mommiez Time Out Daycare
Vasheffia Ware  -  Ware Wee Care
Venessa McFarland  -  Venessa Home Day Care
Vicki Craig  -  Vista Health System
Vicki Misloski  -  DCFS
Victor Laporte  -  Greenbrook Montessori School
Victoria Aguilar  -  Care-A-Lot
Viviana Moreno  -  N/A
Vonda Spanbauer  -  Illinois Valley Community Hospital
Wendy Callan  -  Advocate Condell Medical Center
Wendy Guile  -  Prairie Hill Elementary
Wendy Smith  -  Carman Buckner Elementary
Wendy Wayman  -  N/A
Zuteuer Wright  -  Prairie State College


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