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Poison Plant Poster

Jan 18, 2018
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Poison Plant Poster


The Poison Plant poster highlights potentially toxic plants most commonly found in Illinois. Front side of poster shows images of plants and the backside of the poster has corresponding information including:  detailed description, poisonous parts of the plant, plant toxin(s) and poisoning symptoms.


Note: Not all poisonous plants are listed on this poster.


Available in English and Spanish


Dimensions: 19.5" x 25.5"


Cost:   $1.00 


This is just one example of the many educational materials available in our Poison Prevention Education Resource Center. You can order this poster  and a variety of other education and presentation materials (most are free!) by taking the free online Poison Prevention Education Course. Click here for more details.


Questions:  Please contact or 312.906.6136.

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